Przedsiębiorstwo Wdrożeń Innowacji Gospodarczych
Business Innovating Company

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About us

Name of the firm The Przedsiębiorstwo Wdrożeń Innowacji Gospodarczych Sp. z o.o. (Ltd) expresses our mission and goals. The name can be interpreted as the firm implementing business innovations.  Basically, there are offered complementary trade, finance and consultancy services.

The Przedsiębiorstwo Wdrożeń Innowacji Gospodarczych Sp. z o.o. is aimed at designing, creating and introducing required products and services in most efficient way. In this way we create a new wealth of society. The firm is focused on defining and implementing strategies. It is a marketing company dealing with high value added activities. The firm manages the project from the very beginning till its completion.

All shares are owned by natural bodies. Principal shareholder is the founder. However it is assumed participation of employees in the equity (up to 10%).  The structure guarantees smooth decision making process and focus on core ability. It reflects the involvement of the founder in the initial stage of development.


At present our products and services are addressed to small and medium enterprises, self-governing bodies (municipalities) and individual clients. The firm’s offer is set up of three main domains:

PWIG – Consultancy services

Project’s preparation and planning. Implementation of innovative projects, analysis and preparation of documentation purposed to obtain EU funding as well as to rise capital coming from other sources.

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 Capital Assistant – Financial solutions

Consulting and intermediary services purposed mainly to attracting capital required for an enterprise’s launching and development, purchase of machines, appliances, construction, flat etc.


  Trade Assistant - Trade services

Agency services. Searching for - domestically and abroad – suppliers of raw materials, materials, semi-products and clients. Subcontracting and order management is also included.

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