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The historical view

The Przedsiębiorstwo Wdrożeń Innowacji Gospodarczych was registered on July 08, 1999. Basically there are two major stages of the firm’s development:

  1. 1999-2005 – operating as natural body (business activity of the founder Krzysztof Liminowicz).

  2. 2006-present – legal body operating in the form of limited liability company (partnership established based on transforming the legal form).

Key facts

The firm has been registered in 1999 as the business activity of the founder Krzysztof Liminowicz. The first order concerned restructuring the enterprise. According to Law of Poland high level clerks are not allowed to conduct any business activity. Thus being appointed The Adviser to The Minister the founder was not allowed to do a business activity and was therefore supposed to legally suspend it.

Operations have been launched again in the second half of 2002. At that time companies were faced with financial liquidity troubles. The firm was asked to support rising working capital of SME.

Biuro w Bydgoszczy 2004 - 2007
The Office in Bydgoszcz  (2004-2007).


The first so called EU project was made in 2003. The project was so difficult that other companies refuse to take part. Owners and the board asked the firm for support. The project was completed successfully. This was the grist to our mill. New clients were targeted by reference asking for support. To ensure smooth communication the web site was introduced (

In 2004 due to growing number of clients and to ensure high quality service the group of experts has been introduced with the Jarosław Chudecki appointed as the Chief Expert.

In practice, communication by web site was not sufficient therefore in 2005 the first issue of bulletin (paper) was published. The bulletin is published in English and Polish according to actual needs. It is addressed mainly to clients and other contractors. Among its readers may be found people from various industries including the financial one. On the picture below is presented the cover of one of the bulletin.  At present the Bulletin (Newsletter) is published in modern e-form. The information about new edition is emailed.


By the middle of 2005 and 2006 the legal form was transformed. The legal body has been established. From that time on the firm acts as the limited liability company (Ltd). Registered share capital 296.000,00 PLN. Registered office in Bydgoszcz. KRS - register number: 0000257192 (register of businesses conducted by the District Court in Bydgoszcz, XIII Division of the National Court Register).

In 2007 new marketing concept was introduced. From that time services are offered under particular brands i.e. :


Engineering and consulting:

  • Project's design and planning.
  • EU advisory services.
  • Direct investments.
  • Opportunity study.
  • Prefeasibility study.
  • Feasibility study.
Capital Assistant

Financial solutions (consulting and intermediary services):

  • Loans.
  • Donations.
  • Real estates.
Trade Assistant

Trading services:

  • Marketing.
  • Brokerage
  • Subcontracting.
Office in Warsaw 2007-2008
The Branch Office in Warsaw (2007-2008) was located at the centre of Warsaw.
On the picture: Metropolitan building.

In this Year the agreements with Deutsche Bank PBC S.A. and BZ WBK S.A. were concluded and signed. Web sites dedicated to particular services were introduced:;

The branch office in Warsaw has been established by the middle of 2007 and 2008. The office was located in Metropolitan building at the downtown of Warsaw.

In 2008 the firm has established cooperation with Rambøll Polska Sp. z o.o. The agreement was concluded and signed in the second half of 2008.

From 2008 the firm has also been offering support aimed at environmental projects.


In 2009 The Przedsiębiorstwo Wdrozen Innowacji Gospodarczych was positively verified according to “TrustPass” and received title “Gold Supplier”. 

From January 01, 2010 till December 31, 2011 our office in Warsaw was based in the Warsaw Financial Center in Warsaw (picture below - please click on the picture to see more), located in the downtown.

 Office in Warsaw

In 2010 the firm was verified again.  The process of “TrustPass” was positively completed.  The prestigious title “Gold Supplier” was received. We have been pleased having this prestigious, trust reflecting tittle for the period of 2 years . It is  assumed possibility to apply for the title of "Gold Supplier" and undergo verification process of "TrustPass" in the future.

The company took part in the program "Reliable company" under auspices of National Debt Register.

Business Innovating Company cooperates with enterprises and institutions. Cooperation with Nicolaus Copernicus University has been begun in 2010. In March 2012 has been concluded and signed agreement of cooperation with Ltd. On the picture below there are President of Management Board of Ltd. Mr. Dariusz Jankowski (from the right) and President of Management Board of Business Innovating Company Mr. Krzysztof Liminowicz.

In April 2012 agreement of cooperation has been signed with
University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz. On the picture below there are seen from the right: Mr. Marek Bieliński, professor, Vice Rector for Cooperation with Economy, Mr. Sławomir Cieślik, D. Eng., Director of Electrical Engineering Institute and Mr. Krzysztof Liminowicz, MSEE, MBA, President of Management Board of Business Innovating Company.

Business Innovating Company takes part in exhibitions and fairs. In June 2012 were held, among others: Intersolar 2012 in Munich and Exhibition of Innovations and Patents WIPRO 2012 in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
On the picture below are seen Mr. Jason Han, Samsung SDI and Mr. Krzysztof Liminowicz, Business Innovating Company.
Information about participation in the Intersolar is also available at "Events".

On the picture below: booth of Business Innovation Company at Exhibition of Innovations and Patents WIPRO 2012. From right: Mr. Tadeusz Kuźmiński, Miss Marta Owsińska and Mr. Krzysztof Liminowicz.
Information about participation in the WIPRO 2012 is also available at "News".

The Przedsiębiorstwo Wdrożeń Innowacji Gospodarczych (Business Innovating Company) spare no effort to
render the services marked by quality possibly best matching with requirements of clients. Business partners and shareholders do not remain indifferent as to public needs and disasters. Krzysztof Liminowicz, The President of Management Board made decision to support (among others) the survivors of the Katrina disaster. Below there is a copy of letter of thanks sent by electronic mail by former Presidents of United States of America Mr. George H.W. Bush and Mr. William J. Clinton.

Donation - Katrina

In 2013 the Business Innovating Company took part in the all-Poland project. Below is presented the Certificate of participation of the Business Innovating Company (Przedsiębiorstwo Wdrożeń Innowacji Gospodarczych) in the project “Panel of Polish Enterprises” signed by: Vice Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy Mr. Janusz Piechociński and President of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development Mrs. Bożena Lublińska-Kasprzak.


Our work

Basically we design and implement the innovative projects. Our assistance concerns preparation of the investment projects as well as rising capital and obtaining funding from various sources (including EU funding).  Services are made by team of professionals who proved their high level qualifications by taking part in many innovative projects.  Its optimal structure is set up with reference to the project ‘s  goals and type. We have participated in many projects.



The company from agricultural industry, established in 1995, concentrates its activity around cultivation connected with  breeding. ItProjekty - rolnictwo
 has enough resources to provide services to surrounding farms.  It appeared that carrying out an investment is necessary. The investment means the extension of machine park and range of services provided to farms. It will also influence on forming new workplaces. The PWIG has made a project. The aim of it was to identify investment opportunities connected with taking up an activity consisting in providing agricultural services to farms. After analyzing the investment variants a business plan was prepared for the finally defined range of investment. The EU subsidy, according to our hint, was the source of finance for the investment. PWIG predicted that the investment (among others) would provide surplus of resources to the company and make additional sources of income for farmers. It may also influence on the growth of company and surrounding farms’ efficiency, growth of incomes and forming several new workplaces.


The enterprise of power industry, separated in 1991 as a result of privatization, provides services in the range of energy and commonProjekty - energia building. It has been consistently developing and strengthening its competitive position.The board of directors and the employees pay special attention  to the quality of services. The enterprise has got an ISO 9001 certificate – it is connected to design, produce and building activity in the power, telecommunication and common building industry. The board of directors have decided to carry out an investment consisting in buying shares of another company from power industry. The PWIG reviewed a market of financial institutions focused on analysis of   services and products offered by selected institutions and discussion concerning opportunities of obtaining the finance was made with the board of directors. Then a preliminary choice of financial institutions was made, which were analyzed elaborately. Within the final stage of PWIG support requested documents were prepared and the negotiations taken up aimed to win possible best terms. Finally, the PWIG succeeded in its endeavors – the institution financing the investment has taken a decision to grant the company a loan.


The enterprise of food industry, established in 1996, runs a business in the range of fruits and vegetables processing, consisting in fruit and vegetable juices’ production. Products of this enterprise are sold at the domestic market and their quality is experienced as reallyProjekty - sektor spożywczy good one. The share of its sales at the domestic market is rising successively. The main competitors are the best companies from the sector of juices and beverages’ producers. This enterprise has succeeded and it wants to continue to realize its mission. The board of directors has decided to carry out an investment consisting in modernization of technology line, within the confines of EU program. It is very important and essential stage to adjust the enterprise to customers’ requirements which are changing constantly, and to compete at the demanding European market.  If the owners wouldn’t have decided to carry out an investment it would have negative consequences for the enterprise’s development e.g. a prospect of not keeping workplaces and co-operational connections. The PWIG has helped to identify investment opportunities, on the base of careful marketing and economic analysis (among them: defining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the enterprise). After analyzing preliminary investment variants we made a selection and we prepared preliminary investment project. Then PWIG  worked out a business plan for the investment and we presented the final range of it. Sources of finance were also defined for the investment. This enterprise applied and received the EU funding due to investment project worked out with PWIG support. The funds enabled the owners (among others) to allocate more money in trade activity.   The investment may influence favorably on   productivity, financial results and it may enable the enterprise to produce products that are expected at the market. Finally it may strengthen the company’s strategic position in the sector of juices and beverages.
The enterprise of food industry, established in 1992, concentrates its activity around mollusc processing.  The object of its activity is also processing and preserving fish and products of fishery,  buying, processing and exporting the undergrowth and forest fruit. ThisProjekty - sektor spożywczy enterprise has been consistently developing its activity since 1992. It received the HACCP certificate to improve its competitive position and the permission to export products to the European Union.   The priority of the investment is: adjusting the factory to the European Union’s requirements, improving the quality of offered products, improving the efficiency of manufacturing and the growth of capacity.  The PWIG has identified the activities that  will significantly influence on the growth of capacity. Then the supply of the products will be bigger. The firm identified  the investment opportunities preparing investment variants, next analyzing them and made a selection. Sources of finance were identified for the investment and we worked out the business plan. The EU subsidy, that was received thanks to investment project made by the PWIG, enabled the enterprise to carry out the investment without negative consequences that would influence on current activity. The subsidy also made possible achieving bigger incomes after carrying out the investment. The enterprise will improve its financial position and it is also creating conditions for further dynamic development. The subsidy will also enable the enterprise to invest its financial resources optimally and it will simultaneously influence on enterprise’s liquidity.


The enterprise of furniture industry, established in 1980 as a small family workshop, specializes  actually in furniture and chairs’ framesproduction. It has been realizing its development strategy consistently for over 20 years. Its products appear on the European Economic Area market. ThisProjekty - meble enterprise runs its activity on the area that is characterized by huge unemployment. It wants to adjust its capacity to the customers’ requirements, so the owners are going to carry out an investment, that means extension and modernization of machine park, implementing technologies to reduce undesirable influence on environment. It is predicted that the production will rise and the enterprise will be able to satisfy its customers, as the consequence of investment. The production technology will be more environment friendly. The investment will also significantly influence on the reduction of unemployment, in the region where the enterprise is situated. The investment is to enable the enterprise to keep its strong competitive position. The PWIG has taken into consideration the priorities connected with the customers’ needs and market’s requirements and it has identified the investment opportunities for this enterprise. Sources of finance were also defined for the investment – it can be a subsidy. Funds from the EU Program will enable the owner to carry out essential investments and to administer the capital that is needed to finance the current activity. PWIG analyzed the investment variants and it was stated that the investment will help to form new workplaces and will guard the environment against undesirable influence. The current investment needs will be also satisfied thanks to the investment but it doesn’t mean that further investing is not necessary.

In order to become familiar with selected achievements please download the reference list. Welcome.

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