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Grants in Poland in 2014-2020

January 10, 2014

On January 08, 2014 Government of Republic of Poland passed a draft of Partnership Agreement. The document determines scope of use of European funds in Poland, which are going to be available in form of grants from 2014 to 2020.

Within the new programmed period of time ca. 345 milliard PLN will be available.  For the operational schemes it is considered ca. 320 milliard PLN to be available. Three milliards will be available within scope of European Territorial Cooperation. In addition ca. 17 milliard PLN is going to be available with the scope of financial instruments and schemes managed by European Commission and ca. 2 milliard PLN within the scope of Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived. For the purposes of technical aid ca.1,2 milliard is allocated and ca. 290 milliard for the Innovation actions within the field of development of rural areas

Picture 1 presents basic structure of allocation of financial means within the period from 2014 to 2020.

Picture 1 Basic structure of allocation of financial means in 2014-2020

Total allocation for Poland amounts ca. 345 milliard PLN. The biggest program is the Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020 into which 33,32% of financial means were allocated. The regional programs received allocation of 37,85%.

From 2014 to 2020 grants will be available in scope of 6 all-Poland operational programs and 16 regional ones.

All-Poland programs

There are 6 all-Poland programs which includes various fields.

Program Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020

Program is aimed at among others projects of low-emission economy, environment preservation, power industry, health care and culture. Available allocation amounts 114,97 milliard PLN. The program is addressed to public and private bodies.

Program Intelligent Development

The assistance available within scope of the program will be purposed for increasing level of innovation and competitiveness of Polish economy. Among beneficiaries of the program there are institutions of business environment, entrepreneurs and science. Available allocation amounts 35,98 milliard PLN.

Program Knowledge Education and Development

The program is intended for funding social actions. It will be offered, among others, assistance for unemployed, excluded or persons wishing to improve qualifications. Available allocation amounts 18,46 milliard PLN.

Program Digital Poland

Financial means available within scope of the program will be intended for giving assistance to information and communication technologies. Among beneficiaries of the program there are mainly telecommunication companies, public administration, science bodies and self-governing public bodies. Available allocation amounts 9,42 milliard PLN.

Program Eastern Poland

The program constitutes additional aid for regions of Eastern Poland. Grants will be addressed among others for assisting competitiveness and innovations as well as international promotion. It is assumed assistance for research and development activity. Financial means will be also intended for development of internal communication. Available allocation amounts 8,84 milliard PLN.

Program Technical Aid

The program is aimed at funding system of implementation of EU grants in Poland. Educational and promotional activities will be conducted among others. Available allocation amounts 2,92 milliard PLN.

Regional programs

Each region (voivodship) will be accomplishing its own operational program. Programs are aimed at improving competitiveness of a region and improvement of quality of life of its inhabitants by exploiting its specific resources. Priority tasks include, among others, giving assistance for entrepreneurship, education, employment, infrastructure of environment preservation, energetics and transportation.

 Picture 2 presents available allocation in particular regions.

Picture 2 Allocation in particular regions (2014-2020)

Total allocation for regional programs amounts ca. 130,58 milliard PLN. The biggest aid will receive Silesian Voivodship (11,12%) and Lesser Poland Voivodship (9,20%). The smallest amount will receive Opole (3,02%) and Lubusz (2,9%) Voivodships.

In the article were presented basic information about programs of financial aid in Poland, which are planned to operating with the period of 2014-2020. In order to receive additional information please contact us at: phone: +48.52.375.32.23., email:

Our services in the range of EU grants are presented at:

Engineering and consulting

Capital Assistant





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